The Best Vietnamese Street Food in Melbourne

Are you planning a getaway to this fascinating country? Get ready to discover one of the tastiest Vietnamese street foods in Melbourne. 

Soups, snacks, rolls, beer are everywhere . Vietnamese street food is as varied as it is appetizing.

phonung vietnamese street food

Vietnamese-style street food

The exceptional & authentic Vietnamese street food is one of the main reasons to discover this country where the excellent street stalls coexist with the best fusion restaurants like Pho Nung or minority kitchens. These are some of the best places to discover Vietnamese street food in Melbourne.

Vietnamese fast food in Melbourne

Bún chả is the quintessential Vietnamese dish, it is simple, practical and fast to eat and a true delight on the palate. Bún chả is a Vietnamese dish of grilled pork and noodle. which is thought to have originated from Hanoi, Vietnam.

We will do some general information about this dish, ' Bún' that calls the noodles and ' chả ' is called the pork portion. Add some fish spread sauce and a selection of fresh herbs and you'll be on the direct path to the most delicious experience of your life.

A portion of bun cha comes with meat, noodles and herbs. The meal is completed perfectly with a part of 'nem' (fried spring rolls), and a cold glass of tra da (iced green tea), it is excellent to refresh the throat afterwards or while eating the bun cha with the nem.

Special and delicious homemade crispy rolls, tasty and very addictive. Mince meat & veggies stuffed inside a crispy deep fried pastry. Served with fresh veggie garnished & vermicelli rice noodles+ dipping sauce.


But without a doubt, the star dish of Vietnam is the Phở. The Pho is a soup, usually of veal, that carries Chinese noodles, pieces of veal and various vegetables and herbs: onion, chives, coriander, mint, lemongrass, ginger ... Everything.

In the restaurant menus you can find many varieties of Pho. Sometimes they are chicken, only vegetables, with eggs. etc. Our signature Phở originates from the Northern part of Vietnam (Ha Noi), slow cooked broth full of goodness and flavors, contains fresh salads, ginger, onions, coriander, star anise, chili, pepper and cassia bark.

Sautéed vegetables, chicken dishes with various ingredients, fish, rice, fried noodles ... All with somewhat different flavors due to the sauces and herbs they use, but very good, and nothing excessively "exotic".

Apart from all its varieties of rice and noodles, another of the most typical and good dishes of Vietnamese food are Gỏi Cuốn rolls . You can take them fresh or fried. Both are delicious. They consist of a stuffing of prawns, pork, noodles with vegetables wrapped in, of course, rice paper. In general, Vietnamese food uses spices, but not in excess. Although it depends on the tastes. If you are a spicy lover, they have dishes with a lot, but it is not the most typical thing there.

Bánh mì

The French occupation in the Asian country left as a legacy crispy baguettes that seem freshly baked in Paris itself. This snack that you eat in Vietnam contains carrots and Japanese turnip pickles, cucumber, chili and coriander, and their most common fillings are chicken, pork or pate, there is a vegetarian version called bánh mì chay and another based on canned fish.

Bánh mì recipe

Its economical price, which does not usually reach $9 to change, and the ease of finding it in many street stalls where they prepare it at the moment makes it, without a doubt, one of the essentials in your list of Vietnamese food . In three words: good, beautiful and cheap.

Gỏi cuốn or Vietnamese rolls

Although it would literally be translated as 'mixed rolled salad', gỏi cuốn are delicate fresh rolls. which are not fried, made by filling rice paper with pork or prawns, vegetables such as carrots or spinach, rice vermicelli and different herbs . Although it is a fairly common entree, it can also be taken as a main course, being mandatory to spread them in the sauce that accompanies them, based on peanut butter, garlic and hoisin sauce.

Vietnamese rolls

Vietnamese beer

Special mention deserve the national beers , ridiculously cheap and that you can find in almost any Vietnamese restaurant . There is a wide variety of brands and even local that make their own, called Bia hơi and whose price is around 20 cents.

You cannot stop trying Larue , considered one of the best in the nation, Saigon, Hanoi or 333 , famous for being the favorite of American soldiers during the war, although called then 33.


Typical Vietnamese

Vietnamese cuisine is very similar to Chinese for historical reasons, is characterized by using vegetables and rice a lot . As usual in Asian countries, raw vegetables and white rice accompany almost any dish you order. In Melbourne we eat with bread. In Vietnam they serve lettuce leaves and other vegetables to accompany. We saw that the Vietnamese take the food (rice, chicken ...) and wrap it in these vegetables to eat it.

Vietnamese dishes usually carry many herbs as a condiment. They say cilantro is an herb that either you love or disgusts you.

In general, Vietnamese food is very rich and usually liked in Melbourne. In addition, you can accompany it with one chilled beer or wine.

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