The Vietnamese Food Guide: What to Eat in Vietnam (and Where to Try Them)

Vietnamese food Being Prepared

Vacations are an exciting time in our lives so is the anticipation of trying Vietnamese food recipes. The thrill of visiting a new place, meeting new people and trying different food is overwhelming. Nevertheless, most tourists are filled with hundreds of questions while selecting a location.

The most concerning issue is the cuisine of the area. We cannot survive without food, and it is one of the most exciting aspects of the vacation. We yearn to try new dishes to have a complete experience of the country. There is also a slight fear that the food might not be compatible with our digestive system.

Nothing spoils the holiday mood like stomach flu or food poisoning. Tourists feel homesick and would have a minimal idea about where to seek help. The first thing visitors do while planning a trip is online research. As much as we like to ask the natives for information, there are fewer chances that we might know someone from the area. Though Google provides too much data, or us with information it is natural to feel a bit lost. How do we know that these details are reliable?

It is better to ask the experts themselves rather than settle for others for Vietnamese street food Melbourne. Pho Nung is an authentic Vietnamese Restaurant in Melbourne, providing quality and traditional food. The company offers guidance to the native and tourists on the insights of choosing the right food. Let's take a glimpse at What to Eat in the segment, now that we know where to try the best Vietnamese food in Melbourne.

Vietnamese Noodle Soup

vietnamese noodle soup

Pho or Vietnamese noodle soup is one of the most comforting and healthy food among the Vietnamese food recipes. The food is wholesome and contains all the right ingredients. It can fulfil the physical and emotional needs of the guests.

Though natives have a thorough memory of the dish, the tourists might find it challenging to identify the traditional pho. The first thing to master is that there are various versions of pho. The culinary world has created the dish with different meat, seafood and even vegetarian options. The ideal aspect to look out is the ratio between the various ingredients. The next element is the balance in the flavours and authenticity of the components.

Vietnamese Baguette

Vietnamese Baguette

The traditional name for a Vietnamese Baguette is Banh mi. The dish was influenced by French culture. This food item serves as the ideal mix of the French and Vietnamese traditions. The banh refers to the bun or the baguette, which is proper food in France. The long bread acts as the base for the dish while the Vietnamese style heavily influences the other components.

The filling of the plate has multiple variations based on the region and consumer taste. It usually consists of meat, vegetables, fresh herbs and spices. People have experimented and created unique recipes of Banh Mi or Vietnamese Baguette. This dish has a critical part in the history of the country and Vietnamese food Melbourne. It also speaks about the adaptation of the citizens during the French Indochina era.

Steamed Bun

vietnamese steamed bun

Who does not love a dumpling? How does a Vietnamese street food Melbourne differ from its counterparts? Steamed Bun or Banh Bao is typical street food in the region. The bun is thicker than the average dumpling. It is mostly open, and the filling is placing in the centre.

Like every other Vietnamese dish, the food lovers are in for a treat when you try Steamed buns. There are a thousand different recipes with a different combination of ingredients. It provides a wide range of flavours, and it is a definite treat for the taste buds. The filling is cooked separately and assembled when served.

Crispy Rolls

vietnamese crispy rolls

Most of the dishes in Vietnamese street food Melbourne are boiled or shallow fried. The Nem ran a rare delicacy that is deep-fried. It is served as an appetiser or a snack across the globe. This is a unique variety in the roll segment, and it is different from its peers.

The wrap is made of rice, and it is super thin. The filling is prepared by fusing of different contrasting ingredients to achieve the Vietnamese balance. The crispy rolls are hand wrapped and fried to provide a crunchy and soft texture. It is usually served hot along with a condiment of sauces.

Vietnamese Beef StewVietnamese Beef StewA stew is a type of curry which is cooked with meat, vegetables and spices. The dish is served along with rice, noodle or bread. The Bo Kho has all the needed flavours as it contains the essence of the Chinese five-spice along with the other ingredients.

It is a must-try dish in the country or any other Vietnamese restaurants in the globe. The dish can be spicy, and you can also check for less spicy variations. The cooking experts identify the best parts of the meat to improve the taste and richness of the dish in the Vietnamese street food Melbourne.

Vietnamese Chicken curry

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It is relatively common to connect Vietnamese food recipes with beef, pork and seafood. Most of the dishes contain either of the three elements. Sometimes they can even contain all of them together in the same recipe. This does not mean that chicken is not consumed in the region.

The Vietnamese chicken curry or Ca Ri Ga is known for its creaminess and taste. The dish is available in various restaurants, locally and globally. The chicken is marinated to observe the flavours and cooked with coconut milk to enhance the richness. It is served along with rice and bread.


These are some of the best Vietnamese food in Melbourne. This cuisine aims to provide a holistic experience to the guests rather than just satisfying their taste buds. The restaurants strive hard to maintain the originality of the dishes and service standards. It is the responsibility of the diners to provide adequate information to the chefs. It is vital to notify them of any food allergic or special precautions well in advance. Always be ready to experiment with exotic dishes and treat your taste buds to the evolving gastronomic wonders.