20 Essential Vietnamese Cuisines in the World

Here is an article that will give you mouth-watering Vietnamese cuisines from all around the world! 

Discover world's favorite Vietnamese Cuisines:

Vietnamese cuisines meets the basic principles of the five basic tastes, with each dish combining one or more of these elements. The basic ingredients are fish sauce ( nuoc mam), shrimp paste ( ắm tôm), soy sauce, rice, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Vietnamese cuisine also uses many condiments and herbs such as lemongrass, ginger, mint, cilantro (coriander elongated leaves), cinnamon, pepper or lime.

Vietnamese cuisine is often recognized and admired for using fresh produce, complementary textures, the presence of vegetables and herbs, and the lack of oil and dairy products in its recipes.

That's why it's  recognized as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

The typical dishes of North Vietnam

The cuisine of North Vietnam uses mainly vegetables, seafood, fish (harvested in brackish water) and meat. Most dishes are served with shrimp paste diluted in the sauce. Older and renowned for its refinement, it makes great use of soups, casseroles and grills.

Specialties that can be found in Hanoi and in the North :

# Phở

The real national dish which is popular worldwide! It is a soup, drunk at all meals but especially at breakfast. The original version is embellished with beef. It is a broth made of strips of beef, onion, spices, nuoc mam (the famous sauce made from fermented fish) and rice pasta, all accompanied by aromatic herbs.

Pho (Vietnames Noodle Soup)


# Mì xào

A very simple dish made from fried wheat noodles with a varied filling (onions, green vegetables, tomatoes and beef - in this case the dish will be called mì xào bò ).


Mi Xao, North Vietnam dish

# Cha cha

This is a typical dish of Hanoi! Turmeric fried fish on a bed of dill and chives that you can enjoy with grilled rice cakes, rice noodles ( bún ), fermented shrimp paste and peanuts. A delight!

Cha-CaCha Ca, Hanoi fish dish, Vietnam

Bún cha

Another typical dish of the North. This is a grilled pork belly and pork meatballs with rice noodles ( bún ), aromatic herbs and pickled vegetables.

Bun Cha, typical Hanoi dish, Vietnam

# Giò lua or Cha lua

It could be called the "Vietnamese Mortadella"! This is Vietnamese pork pie steamed in a banana leaf. There is also a version of pâté frit, cinnamon pie or pork rind pie and dill pie with dill.

Giò lua dish of North Vietnam

# Bánh chung

This is THE party cake in Vietnam. It is traditionally eaten during the Lunar New Year (Tết). Family tradition, it is prepared by all members of the family. This is a sticky rice cake stuffed with mung beans (otherwise called "green soy"), pork belly, and black pepper.

Bánh chung, party cake consumed throughout Vietnam

# Cha giò or Nem rán

Here is the real Vietnamese name for spring rolls! These are rolls of fried rice cakes, stuffed with ground pork, shrimp and crab. The stuffing can also change-> chicken or only shellfish mixture.

Nem rán, Asian dish par excellence, Vietnam

# Nem chua

It is a variation of the nem ... It is a mixture of lean pork and thin strips of cooked rind, garnished with garlic and chilli.

Nem chua, typical dish of North Vietnam

# Cá Kho

Grilled fish (traditionally but it also exists with pork, chicken or beef) cooked in caramel or in a mixture of nuoc mam and ginger with pieces of bacon and chilli.

Cá kho, fish in sauce, North Vietnam specialty


Let's discover now the typical cuisines of the Vietnam Center. Inspired by both Cham and the imperial court, the cuisine of Vietnam Center differs from that of the North by significant use of peppers, making it sometimes difficult to eat (even for some Vietnamese!).

The typical dishes of Vietnam Center

# Bún Bò Hue, Vietnamese Cuisine

The specialty of the city of Hue! Bún Bò Hue dish consists of rice noodles ( Bun ), beef ( Bo ), all mixed in a broth with lemongrass, cucumber, onions, banana flower, of ' herbs, and "mam ruoc "(Shrimp paste made in central and south Vietnam).

Bún bò Hue, emblematic dish of Hue

# Bánh Bèo

These are small cakes made from rice flour and tapioca. On top of this dough are added pieces of dried shrimp and crispy pork skin mixed in onion oil.

# Bánh Bột Lọc 

Prepared with rice flour and tapioca, this time the dough is translucent. It is stuffed with whole prawn and pork. This dish can be wrapped in banana leaves. In this case, it will be necessary to speak of bánh bột lọc lá, this last word meaning "leaf". 

# Bánh ram-ít 

A real cute catch! Glutinous rice ravioli stuffed with beans, shrimp and pork belly. All supported by a rice cake. The crunchy and sticky textures go perfectly together.

# Bánh Nậm

Here is the fourth version of these "shrimp cakes" found in Hue. This time the ravioli is flat and enclosed in a banana leaf. Gently open the sheet and enjoy!

#Nem Lụi

A simple dish: this is pork cooked around a stem of lemongrass. Once served, you have to get to work: you will have to make your own spring rolls with herbs and vegetables.

Place, finally, to the cuisine of the South which has been strongly influenced by Chinese cuisine, Khmer and Thai. It is usually characterized by the addition of sugar and coconut milk. There is a lot of seafood (from full water) and the use of dried fish for dishes and sauces. Here are some Vietnamese cuisines that you will surely test:

The typical dishes of South Vietnam

# Hủ Tiếu

This is the typical soup of South Vietnam! The rice paste is different, it is made of wheat flour tied to tapioca starch.

# Tả Pín Lù

It is the Vietnamese fondue of South Vietnam! It's called lẫu in North Vietnam. It is a meal that Vietnamese love when they go out in groups. Of course, it is not a cheese fondue ... You must prepare the broth and the ingredients: Beef, chicken, scallops, shrimps, carrots, ginger, bok choy, rice vermicelli ... and green vegetables! To your chopsticks!

# Bánh xèo

Pancake made from rice flour and turmeric folded in half and garnished with lots of soy sprouts, meat and shrimp. Served with aromatic leaves and nuoc mam (fish) sauce. Born in Central and South Vietnam, it is today in all the country.

# Bánh mì

The Vietnamese sandwich filled with grilled pork slices or eggs or pâté or cheese (sometimes several ingredients at the same time), a mixture of carrots, pickled green papaya and cilantro. It is also found everywhere in Vietnam and is Melbourne's favorite Vietnamese street food at Pho Nung.

# Chè 

A sweet dessert, made from a wide variety of ingredients: white beans, corn or even sweet potatoes. The whole is sprinkled with coconut milk.

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